Residual Disinsection

Treatment completed according to the World Health Organisation recommendations and is conducted with no crew or passengers on board. The aircraft cabin and cargo hold are fogged with aviation approved pesticides that leave an invisible residual barrier on the surfaces to protect against insects for up to 8 weeks. Treatment takes up to 5 hours to complete and the aircraft cannot be boarded during this time.

Please note that treatment must be renewed if cleaning or other operations remove significant amount of the insecticidal residue we therefore recommend that our internal deep clean is carried out prior to disinsection.

Pre-flight Disinsection

Treatment completed according to the World Health Organisation recommendations and is conducted by use of a rapid action insecticide applied to the flight deck, cabin and cargo hold before passengers aboard the aircraft but not longer than 1 hour before the doors are closed for departure. We recommend that Crew vacate the aircraft during treatment and do not board until 5 minutes after treatment is complete. Total time 15 minutes.

The Pre-flight treatment must be followed by a Top-of-descent treatment to be completed by the crew on board. We provide the D-Phenothrin aerosol based product and this is to be sprayed through the cabin as the aircraft starts its descent to the arrival airport with the air circulation set to high.  On arrival at the airport the depleted aerosol can is to be provided to the ground staff at point of inspection. We provide a CofC stating that the Pre Flight Disinsection has been completed and that a Top of Decent treatment is to be completed by the crew. We also provide product and its instructions for this process.

Aircraft Disinfection

Treatment is completed with use of an airborne alcohol free biocidal product that Exceeds European Standards: EN1276 Bacteria, EN13704 Spores, EN14476 Viruses, EN1650 Moulds, EN1500 Hygenic Hand Rub.

This high performance solution has been independently proven effective against 99.9% of bacteria, spores, viruses and fungi including Clostridium difficile, MRSA, Norovirus and EBOLA. Once used in our specialist equipment to sanitise your aircraft you can relax safe in the knowledge that the areas you are in have been completely sanitised and that a safe environment has been created.

Please note that this is a biocidal treatment and will only sanitise the contamination at microbiological level. If the contamination is visible, we recommend an additional Internal Deep Clean and possible Carpet Shampoo to provide visual cleanliness.

Treatment time up to 1 hour.

Decontamination Full Works

This specialist service must be conducted with the aircraft vacant of crew and passengers. Upon entry to the aircraft we fumigate with a rapid knock down pesticide to immediately kill any insects. We then conduct our Aircraft Disinfection service followed by a Residual Disinsection. Leaving the aircraft sanitised and protected for up to 8 weeks for complete piece of mind. Treatment time up to 5 hours.


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