Up and Away Aviation cleans up with Avialogistics purchase

Oxford, UK-based aviation-detailing company Up and Away Aviation has announced the acquisition of Farnborough, UK-based aircraft valet company Avialogistics from Gama Aviation. Stefan Murphy, Managing Director of Up and Away Aviation, and Kevin Godley, CFO Gama Aviation, ratified the deal on 1st June 2015.

Under the terms of the agreement all Avialogistics assets will be rebranded under the Up and Away name and all employees will move across to work as part of the Up and Away Aviation team. The deal has more than doubled the size of Up and Away Aviation which, having launched in 2008, has until now grown organically.

Following the deal Up and Away Aviation will continue to grow its UK footprint by moving its head office to TAG Farnborough Airport, maintaining its base at London Oxford Airport and strengthening its presence at London Stansted and London Luton airports. “We already have a good fixed and mobile network but plan to increase our manpower with the aim of being able to work from multiple locations,” adds Murphy.

Up and Away currently serves the UK market providing high quality detailing and valet services to a predominantly Business Aviation client base. With an expanded team Up and Away Aviation will now extend its offering into Europe providing dedicated, bespoke valet services to the full spectrum of business aviation aircraft. Murphy sees an opportunity to support exhibitors at the major aviation events by working closely with them to provide a consistent, reliable and efficient cleaning service that showcases the valuable assets at their best.

The purchase is the first in what Up and Away Aviation’s Murphy hopes will be a series of acquisitions that will see the company expand into new markets. “We are a well established brand with a core client base and now is the time for us to develop opportunities and explore horizons further afield,” he adds explaining the rationale behind the deal.

As the business grows Murphy is also developing the concept of becoming a single source provider of a wide range of aviation services including inflight catering, laundry, cabin crew training and provisioning services either directly through acquisition, or via third party providers. “We work very closely with crew and understand that a single source providing all of these services is often much more useful than having to make any number of calls.” He plans to offer these enhanced support-based products through long-term packages. With 24.7 service, competitive pricing and a tailored service he anticipates a great take up of the offering. Up and Away also plans to develop relationships with MRO, FBO and completion companies.

The opportunity for purchase followed the merger of Hangar 8, and Avialogistics parent company Gama Aviation in December 2015 as the Farnborough-based international aviation business strategy focuses on developing its core business of aviation operations.

For more details please contact [email protected] or call head office on +44 (0) 1252 554000