Up & Away Aviation offers new residual disinsection service to customers

Farnborough, UK-based aviation-detailing company Up & Away Aviation is offering a new highly effective and convenient residual disinsection service to general, business and commercial aviation operators.

Available immediately at any UK airport, the internal treatment uses an aviation approved pesticide that is effective in killing virtually all insects.

Significantly the treatment is designed to leave a residual film which lasts for up to eight weeks ensuring ready to fly status for treated aircraft. This will appeal to customers travelling to an increasing number of countries where disinsection is now a legal requirement (such as Italy). Importantly this service provides complete peace of mind to those concerned about the recent threat from the Zika Virus with its capacity to kill mosquitoes that are proven to carry the virus.

The service involves treating the aircraft cabin and cargo hold with a specialist pesticide. The market leading solution used by Up & Away has been imported from Australia where they are known for leading the field in disinsection. It is administered via nebulisation without passengers or crew on board and completed in accordance with World Health Organisation recommendations. The entire process takes up to one hour depending on aircraft size.

Demand for the service has grown following new regulations introduced in Italy requiring all aircraft to be disinsected on arrival. The disinsection service from Up & Away conveniently provides an operator with a certificate to present to the authorities on arrival confirming that the aircraft has been effectively treated.

Up & Away Aviation has invested in specialized disinsection equipment which enables owners and operators to enjoy the convenience of immediate worldwide flight readiness. Equally, it avoids the need to go through the process of disinsection by aerosol spray by the authorities on landing when passengers may be inconvenienced and pressed for time.

Commenting on the new service, Stefan Murphy, Managing Director of Up & Away Aviation adds: “We are very pleased to be able to offer this highly effective service to give peace of mind to our customers. Passengers can relax and enjoy their flight knowing that their aircraft has been completely fumigated and a safe environment has been created. It is also a great advantage to be able to land anywhere in the world without the inconvenience and delay caused by having to be disinsected by the authorities on the ground. Since launching the service in February we’ve already disinsected twenty aircraft, with another three booked in for the coming days. We believe this service will prove increasingly popular with our clients.”

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